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The Original and Most Popular T-Shirt Ranking site on the Internet
(As featured on the cover of the Wall Street Journal and Mens Health Magazine. We've been ranking t-shirt designs since 1998!)

Phone: 916.686.0220

Premium Listing Details

While it is FREE to add one t-shirt design listing to our site, if you are looking for that EXTRA exposure
for more of your designs and your site as a whole, we offer a new, Premium Listing account. Go premium today for just $149 per year.

It includes:


What does this mean for you?

What they're saying about
"...anyway, if there is one thing I can say that has helped me the most, it's www.t-shirtcountdown.com

Amazing results for being in the top ten or so. Simply amazing.

....and "war" or "anti-war" designs don't hurt business right now. I sold 31 of one design...the one on the countdown...U.N.necessary - Give'em Hell, George. "

--FATZ (from the tshirt shed)



Up to 10 listings in the T-Shirt Countdown

As a t-shirt countdown merchant, you already know how effective a listing in t-shirtcountdown.com can be.

Our site is visited by over
2,000 t-shirt shoppers every day, all looking for a cool, new t-shirt design to buy. Will the design they find be yours?

As your design gets nearer to the number one spot, our tests have shown that not only will you receive an increase in visitors to your t-shirt shop, it is very likely that your sales for the design featured in the countdown will increase.

The more listings you actively promote, the better chance you have of people adding your design to their shopping cart!

Extra listings equals Extra exposure. Get your premium listing account today for just $149 per year.


1 Month of Free Banner Ads in our Featured T-Shirt Spot

Our Featured T-Shirt spot is the most visible t-shirt listing on our website. Located in the top 1/3 of our page, an attractive design in this spot often one of the first designs shoppers look at when visiting our site.

With your Premium Listing account, you will receive 1 month of your t-shirt banner ad in this spot ($50 value) . You can even create an animated banner (still less than 20k) to further attract customers to your shop.

Get your premium listing account today for just $149 per year


Upgraded Listing in the T-Shirt Links Directory

Our T-Shirt Links directory is visited by over 20,000 of t-shirt shoppers each month. Make your listing stand out above the rest by adding a logo graphic to show next to your listing.

Studies show that graphical listings tend to get more attention than a plain text listing. You get a free non-animated graphic listing for the lifetime of your listing. Get your premium listing account today for just $149 PER YEAR.


10% Discount on any future Advertising Purchases

As a t-shirtcountdown.com premium listing account holder, you are automatically eligible for a 10% discount on all of our advertising rates shown on our advertising information page. Now you can save money while helping your t-shirt site get the traffic it needs to succeed.

Get your premium listing account today for just $149 PER YEAR.


How it works:

  1. Please include your t-shirtcountdown.com username with your payment. Once we have your username and confirmed payment, we will upgrade your account to PREMIUM status.

    For each t-shirt you list, you will want to make sure you upload a t-shirt graphic and add the voting link to your site so your visitors can vote for your designs. The extra listings won't be much use to you if you don't move up the charts, so be sure to promote your voting links actively.

  2. Send us your advertising banner and where you would like it linked to (150x150, animated or non animated gif, jpg, or png graphic) that you would like to be shown in the featured advertising spot. Within 48 hours we will email you back with the login information so you can check your statistics.

  3. Send us your button graphic (125x80 non animated gif or jpg) that you would like to be shown next to your listing at t-shirt links.com. Be sure that your site is already listed there. Click the Easy Submit link to add your listing if you are not already listed.

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